INDIA | ACTION ALERT: #LetChennaiBreathe Campaign Launch - 12th January 2020

#LetChennaiBreathe Campaign Launch - 12th January 2020

We are launching a campaign to clean up Chennai’s air through a music video titled "காத்த வர விடு: Let Chennai Breathe" at 12:00 Noon on Sunday, 12th January 2020. The song draws attention to the city’s declining air quality. The song is inspired by a true story of regret of a Kabaddi coach from North Chennai that air pollution has hurt the stamina and endurance of today's kids.
How Can You Help? 
  1. Watch the music video and sign the petition on (We will share the link shortly)
  2. We will tag you in our tweets and Instagram posts on Sunday. Kindly RT it, and also invite other social medial influencers to RT.
  3. Use the hashtags #LetChennaiBreathe and #KaathaVaraVidu to tweet
Take the Breathless Challenge:
Steps on the Breathless Challenge - Make a video with this script:
I’m taking this breathless challenge to test my lung capacity. If I can hold my breath and sing for 25 seconds or more, I have healthy lungs. If not, I may be a victim of air pollution. Let’s see.
Repeat as many times as possible in one breath (Hindi and Tamil versions available only, I am adding both):
Yaha hawa kali chale 
Saans phule phule
Par dum nahi tute
Kabaddi Kabaddi
Kaatha Vara Vidu 
Moocha Vida Vidu 
Kotta Thoda Vidu 
Sadugudu; Sadugudu
Final Outcome: 
Less than 25 seconds. Hmm. . .Looks like air pollution has hurt me. I’m going to sign a petition to tell the government to clean-up my air.
More than 25 seconds. Hmmm. . .Looks like I may have escaped. Many others may not have. I’m going to sign a petition asking the government to clean up my air.
Tag a Friend:
And I’m tagging "xyz" to take this breathless challenge. #LetChennaiBreathe #KathaVaraVidu