Brazil | Ban of the Mercury Containing Medical Devices

In March of 2017, Brazil took an integral and important step towards mercury free health care. A new resolution, published by the National Health Surveillance Agency of Brazil, effectively bans the fabrication, importation, and sale of mercury based thermometers and blood pressure measurement devices in the country as of 1 January 2019.

This resolution demonstrates the commitment of Brazil to the Minamata Convention, a global agreement signed by 140 countries to phase out mercury containing products by 2020.

Proyecto Hospitais Saudáveis, HCWH’s strategic partner in Brazil, has been working towards the ban of mercury since 2008 through the campaign "MercuryFree Healthcare." Created by Health Care Without Harm and the World Health Organization (WHO), this campaign aimed to eliminate the use of mercury containing medical devices and replace them with safe, precise, and affordable alternatives.

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