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International Managing Director

Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) - and

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Location: Flexible and virtual capable; provided willingness to partially overlap with Pacific Standard Time business hours. Office co-location possible in Boston, Buenos Aires, Brussels, Manila, Reston, or San Francisco.

Position Status: Full time employment

Candidate must be willing and able to travel extensively

Organization Overview: Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) is a not-for-profit organization that works to transform health care worldwide so that it reduces its environmental footprint, becomes a community anchor for sustainability and a leader in the global movement for environmental health and justice. Our vision is that health care mobilizes its ethical, economic and political influence to create an ecologically sustainable, equitable and healthy world. We seek to carry out our mission and vision by adhering to three overarching goals: protecting public health from climate change; transforming the supply chain, and building leadership for environmental health.

HCWH has offices in the US (Boston and Reston), Europe (Brussels), Latin America (Buenos Aires) and Asia (Manila), and partner organizations in multiple countries including Australia, Brazil, China, India, Nepal and South Africa. HCWH works with hospitals and health care systems, health professionals, ministries of health, NGOs and international organizations such as WHO and UNDP. HCWH’s Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network has more than 650 members from 37 countries, representing the interests of more than 20,000 hospitals and health centers committed to reduce health care’s environmental footprint and promote environmental health. You can learn more about our organizations at and

Position Overview:

HCWH is looking for a dynamic manager with deep international experience, multiple cultural competencies and a strong organizing background to serve as the International Managing Director. The position requires excellent people and organizational skills. Working with and reporting to the International Director for Program and Strategy, this position will help lead the ongoing international development of Health Care Without Harm—one of the world’s leading environmental health organizations and networks. The position will also work closely with the President and co-founder of HCWH and an International Council composed of the Directors all regional offices; as well as with partner organizations; and global staff.


Governance: Coordinate and facilitate annual international planning and budgeting, while supporting the operations of HCWH’s global governance structure, its continuing evolution and long-term strategic planning process.

  • Convene the International Council: Accountable for convening monthly teleconference meetings and 1-2 annual face-to-face meetings of the International Council (IC).
  • Staff the International Council: Accountable for managing agenda, documentation of decisions and recommendations, and facilitate/follow-through to assure their implementation as appropriate.
  • Annual Planning and Budget: Accountable for coordinating annual planning and budgeting among various HCWH regional entities, global staff/projects and partners, and IC deliberations in collaboration with the finance teams.
  • Governance Monitoring and Review: Responsible for regular review and implementation of any revision of international agreements between entities, partnership agreements, etc.
  • Long-Term Organizational Development Planning: Responsible for coordinating and facilitating a long-term organizational development planning process that establishes and implements an evolving framework for an International Health Care Without Harm structure in collaboration with the International Council.
  • Management and Organizational Development: Manage and coordinate the global HCWH operations and set of networks in collaboration with appropriate stakeholders, including: creating a balanced approach between organizational and network-based development by supporting the organizational development of HCWH regional offices and a robust global network membership system; supervising designated international staff; overseeing formal relationships with partners, re-grants between HCWH entities and to partner organizations, project and grant reporting; participating in fundraising.

Global Management Duties:

  • Accountable for managing agreements and reporting related to re-grants from one HCWH-entity to the other (eg. From U.S. to Latin America or Europe to SE Asia) in collaboration with relevant executive and administrative staff in the relevant regions.
  • Accountable for managing agreements and reporting related to re-grants from HCWH entities to partner organizations in other countries/regions in collaboration with relevant executive and administrative staff in the relevant regions and with similar counterparts in partner organizations.
  • Responsible for supporting and providing guidance to HCWH regional organizations and their executive directors in Asia, Europe and Latin America in their efforts to transition from oversight by HCWH international staff to develop robust organizational infrastructure (such as active boards, advisory boards, etc.) and in their management of their organizations.
  • Responsible, in collaboration with other executive staff, for coordinating development of robust global communications, financial, information technology and other administrative capacities, and hiring/supervising relevant staff when appropriate and agreed upon.
  • Oversee management of international budgets funded by HCWH US. Assure coherence and synchronization with income generated in other regions.

Fundraising and grant reporting:

  • Accountable for development and implementation of income generation strategy for HCWH’s Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network (GGHH) in consultation with development staff.
  • Responsible with others for funding proposal development.
  • Responsible with others for budgeting for proposals.
  • Accountable for grant reporting on global projects grants.

Global Team Convening:

  • Accountable for organizing and convening bi-annual global HCWH team meetings.
  • Accountable for convening regular international staff meetings.
  • Responsible for facilitating cross-organizational communication and collaboration in various areas.

Network Coordination

  • Responsible for building HCWH global structures, such as GGHH, as a robust global network with a diverse yet clear set of membership, partnership and engagement structures.
  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining an appropriate balance between HCWH as a staff-based organization and a global network.
  • Responsible for assuring appropriate and consistent engagement with business across HCWH as an international organization.
  • Responsible for management of institutional strategic partnerships with organizations representing HCWH’s interests in specific countries and synchronizing these partnerships with HCWH’s regional office structure.
  • Responsible for management of institutional partnerships and relationships with international partner organizations


  • Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree. Combined experience/education as substitute for minimum education.
  • Minimum Experience: 10 years of experience working on public health, healthcare, environmental and/or related issues.
  • Minimum Field of Expertise: Familiarity with advocacy organizations, international NGOs and networks, and member organizations required.
  • Preferred Education: Master’s degree or higher.
  • Preferred Experience: Multiple languages and cultural competencies; international environment/development/health/organizing experience.
  • Preferred Field of Expertise: Familiarity with international management and organizing and in a virtual non-governmental organization.
  • Staff /executive management experience preferred

To Apply:

Health Care Without Harm has contracted Global Recruitment Specialists to assist with this recruitment effort. Please email a cover letter and updated resume/CV to:

Patrick Shields, Search Manager
Global Recruitment Specialists "Positioning You for Success"
501 Westport Avenue, Suite 285, Norwalk, CT 06851 USA
Telephone: +1- 203-899-0499

Your cover letter should at least address the following topics:

  1. Why you are interested in the position and Health Care Without Harm.
  2. How you believe your skills and experiences will meet the needs of the position and contribute to the Health Care Without Harm’s mission.
  3. How you learned of this position.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Health Care Without Harm offers a competitive salary and benefits, commensurate with experience and skills. Health Care Without Harm is an equal opportunity employer.