Become a Member

Organizations become members of the coalition by:

  • Having a thorough discussion within their membership to make certain that they support the mission and goals of HCWH and want to actively participate in accomplishing them
  • Getting approval from their board of directors or other governing body of the organization
  • Sending a letter, on the organization's letterhead/stationery, that states the group's support for HCWH, its desire to participate fully in the work of the campaign, information on how you are planning to implement the ideas you listed on your membership letter and state how these actions would relate to HCWH’s activities and programs.
  • Provide contact information for a designated main contact person within the organization.
  • Send the letter to addressed to:

Joshua Karliner, International Coordinator

Health Care Without Harm

Rafael Hernández 2649

C1428CFC, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires



Or you can email your letter of intent, preferably in pdf form to

  • Wait for approval.

For general questions about membership, contact Alejandra Livschitz at