HCWH's 20th Anniversary | Greetings from All Over the World

HCWH's staff, health care and government workers congratulated Health Care Without Harm on its 20th anniversary. Watch the videos!

Do No Harm Film

As part of HCWH's 20th anniversary celebration, Health Care Without Harm is excited to release Do No Harm, a short film telling the inspiring story of this global movement. Watch the movie.

Message from Health Care Without Harm's President and Founder, Gary Cohen 

Messages from HCWH Staff and Hospitals and Government's Workers from Latin America

If you want to visit Health Care Without Harm's 20th anniversary website, click here.

Message from Health Care Without Harm - Latin America's Executive Director, Verónica Odriozola

Message from Dr. Damián Verzenassi, National University of Rosario, Argentina

Message from Alicia Preide, Hospitals' Architecture and Engineering Association from Argentina

Message from nurse Carlos Marinozzi, Hospital Roque Saenz Peña, Rosario, Argentina

Message from Dr. Mirta Borrás, Hospital General de Agudos Dr. Juan A. Fernández, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Message from Dr. Nilda Gait, Hospital de Niños de la Santísima Trinidad, Córdoba, Argentina

Message from Eng. Viviana Martínez Morales, works at the health care sector, Colombia

Message from Mg. Pablo Durán Valenzuela, Ministry of Health, Chile

Message from Eng. Marcela Medina, Ministry of Health, Chile

Message from workers from Hospital Nacional de Niños, Costa Rica

Message from Dr. Luis García Briceño, Hospital San Rafael de Alajuela, Costa Rica

Message from nurse Mirna Estrada Venegas, Pérez Zeledón Healh Sector, Costa Rica

Message from workers from the Hospital Dr Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia, Costa Rica

Message from Dr. Gónzalo Hernández Magallón, Hospital General de Ecatepec, México

Message from Lic Hilda Gómez, Hospital México, Costa Rica

Message from Eng. Jonas Schwartzman, SPDM, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Message from Danilo Oliveira, Pro Saúde, Brazil

Message from Gizelma de Azevedo Simôes, Hospital Sírio Libanês, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Message from Nurse Robson Carlos Montero, INTO, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Message from Dr. Karina Pavão Patrício, Facultade de Medicina de Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Messages from HCWH Staff and Health Care Workers from Asia

Message from Health Care Without Harm - Asia's Executive Director, Ramon San Pascual

Message from HECAF, HCWH's strategic partner in Nepal and GGHH's founding member

Message from Health Promoting Hospitals Network Indonesia

Message from Maria Reyna Xavier University Hospital, Philippines

Message from Philippine Heart Center, Philippines