Open Letter from Health Professionals on the Plastics Treaty

April, 2024

Distinguished Delegates and Chair of the International Negotiation Committee for a Plastics Treaty,

As health professionals who have taken an oath to the ethical principle to first do no harm, we are committed to health and well-being for all. Plastic poses an ongoing crisis for human and planetary health, which will inevitably worsen with the planned dramatic increase in plastics production, unless global action is taken. 

We urge delegates to commit to a just and equitable Treaty that respects human rights, limits the production of plastics, eliminates unnecessary plastics products including single use plastic, prioritizes detoxification, and ensures transparency of plastic products and materials. Actions throughout the full life cycle of plastics is necessary to eliminate the harmful effects from production, use, recycling, and disposal of plastics and to protect human and planetary health. 

We call on delegates to develop an ambitious and just Treaty to end plastic pollution, including in the health sector. The health sector requires special consideration in the Plastics Treaty, not an exemption. A blanket exemption is inconsistent with the health mission of the sector, and would inhibit innovation and momentum for plastics reduction, reuse, and redesign. It is contrary to growing global efforts for a sustainable health sector.

Plastics have become ubiquitous in healthcare, with a dramatic shift towards single-use items in recent decades (e.g. tubing, examination gloves, catheters, intravenous infusion devices, transfusion sets, diagnostic equipment, gowns, etc). However, many non-essential uses of plastics in the health sector can be eliminated, including non-medical applications (e.g. maintenance, food, interiors, office). Essential uses of plastics can often be detoxified and designed for reuse. 

Therefore, we appeal to governments to consider a program of work on plastic products in the health sector, to be further developed, in alignment with other international initiatives on health and chemicals, wastes, greening the supply chain and climate.

There are health impacts at each stage of the plastics life cycle. Plastics used in health care require thousands of hazardous additives (including carcinogens, neurotoxicants, endocrine disruptors) that can leach from products and waste, and persist in the environment, threatening patients, communities, workers (including waste workers), and ecosystems. Exposure to hazardous chemicals from plastic is a particular concern for vulnerable patients including fetuses, newborns, and young children. This toxicity and chronic exposure represents a significant burden of care for the health system around the world. In addition, the lack of full product ingredient information impedes efforts to reuse, recycle, and to move to safer alternatives. Transparency and traceability of hazardous chemicals in healthcare products and articles is therefore essential to speed up the redesign and detoxification of plastic products.

Plastics, and their chemical additives are primarily made from petrochemical feedstocks. Reducing our dangerous dependence on fossil fuel-based plastics will help limit global warming and the further degradation of the planet’s ecosystems. Failing to do so will lead to dire health consequences, and the loss of key natural resources and ecosystem services critical to both human and non-human species health, undermining One Health and planetary health.

Communities, health workers and health systems already face the alarming impacts of plastics production and pollution. The worst impacts of plastics’ production and disposal are not equally distributed, but instead are concentrated in the most vulnerable and under-resourced communities. The treaty should uphold the universal right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment, and address the human rights impacts of each stage of plastic production and waste management. 

We welcome the resolution WHA76.17 and the report by the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), which recognize the health sector’s “critical role and unique expertise to contribute to the sound management of chemicals and waste and protecting from their harmful impacts on health and well-being”. From reusable textiles and medical devices, to the elimination of unnecessary single use products, health care providers are transforming the sector and have a critical role to play in reducing the public health threat by addressing plastic use and seeking safer alternatives.  

We cannot rely on false solutions like chemical recycling that extends unsustainable plastic use and reliance on fossil fuels, which do not generate real health improvements. Only a significant reduction in plastic production and use can do that. 

As doctors, nurses, researchers, health care professionals, and associations, we have a moral and professional obligation to prevent harmful exposures to hazardous chemicals from plastics in the health sector. We commit to continuing action to protect human health, and urge your commitment to a Treaty that strongly supports health, human rights and justice. A Treaty that protects the planet is also a Treaty that protects our patients. 


If you and/or your organization would like to endorse the letter, please do so using this form


Health associations

Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments,
Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment (AWHHE),
Associação pela Saúde Emocional de Crianças_ASEC,
Association of Anaesthetists,
California Nurses for Environmental Health and Justice,
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE),
Climate and Health Alliance
Colectivo Cero Desabasto,
Collaborative for Health and Environment (CHE)
Doctors for the Environment Australia,
Endocrine Society,
Environmental Health Project,
European Confederation of Primary Care Paediatricians
Global Climate and Health Alliance
Health Care Without Harm
International Federation of Medical Students Associations
International Society of Doctors for Environment, ISDE
ISDE, International Society of Doctors for Environment,
Michigan Clinicians for Climate Action,
National Association of Hispanic Nurses – Denver Chapter,
Philippine Medical association,
Physicians for Social Responsibility, San Francisco Bay
Planetary Health
Planetary Health Eastern Africa Hub
Projeto Hospitais Saudáveis,
Radiologists for a Sustainable Future,
Swiss Medical Association,
The Environmental Health Leadership Foundation
Tzu Chi Medical Foundation,
Veterinary Sustainability Alliance,
World Federations of Public Health Associations

Health care facilities and systems

Centro Estatal de Vigilancia Epidemiológica y Control de Enfermedades (CEVECE),
Clínica San Rafael,
Clínica santa María de Guadalupe,
Dime clínica Neurocardiovascular,
E.S.E. Hospital Departamental Universitario Santa Sofía de Caldas,
ESE Hospital San Rafael de Pacho,
Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá,
Hospital D'María, Veracruz,
Hospital Estadual Americo Brasiliense,
Hospital Estadual Serrana - FAEPA HCFMRP-USP,
Hospital General Salvatierra,
Hospital Monseñor Sanabria, Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social,
Hospital Municipal Temoaya,
Subred Integrada de Servicios de Salud Norte E.S.E.,
Unimed Vitória, Vitória. Espírito Santo.

Health professionals


Aaron Levy, Physician
Aaron Rosenblum, MD, Broadway Family Medicine Residency,
Adam Suliman Abaker Ahmed, MPH, Public Health and Emergencies Directorate,
Adetoun Mustapha (Dr.), Environmental Epidemiologist
Aditya Bagrodia, Physician, UC San Diego Health,
Adriana Giuliani, MD,
Adrienne Boland, RN,
Adrienne Grech (Dr.), Nurse Educator, University of Malta,
Adrienne Taren, Physician, Oklahoma State University,
Agustin Rivas, MD,
Ahmed Elagali, PhD
Aidagalearojas Aide Galea Rojas, MD, Ministerio de salud Pública .HGL-MSPYBS,
Aislin Azcárate Kent, MD, Universidad La Salle
Aisling O'Leary, Pharmacist, School of Pharmacy, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland,
Alan Johan Chavolla Canal ,MD, Urologist, Clínica santa María de Guadalupe,
Alan Peterson, MD,
Alberto Donzelli, MD,
Alderico Di Ienno, MD,
Alecia L S Stein, MD,
Alejandro Alvarado Rivero, MD,
Alessandra Benedetti, MD,
Alex Fay, RN,
Alex Oriel Godoy Faúndez, PhD
Alexander Rabin, MD, University of Michigan Health,
Alexandra (Zandra) Palma, MD,
Alexandra Inslee, MPH,
Alexandra Melnyk, MD, Cleveland Clinic,
Alexia Bezzina (Dr.) , MSc, President Malta Association of Public Health Medicine,
Alexis Puyleart, Medical College of WI,
Alfred L. Glover DPM, FACFAS, Physician,
Alfredo Lorenzo Recio Sablay, MD, YECAP
Ali Saad, Physician
Aliandro Willy Duarte Magalhães, MD, Hospital Ophir Loyola,
Alice Chen, MD,
Alice Chen, Physician, DO, UC San Diego Health,
Alice Gahbauer, Pharmacist,
Alida Dayna Moreira Martino, MD, Grupo Salud y Ambiente SUMEFAC,
Alisha Romdule Khieu, Medical Student, UC Davis School of Medicine,
Alison Bleaney, MD, Tasmanian Public and Environmental Health Network,
Alison S. Hayward, MD, Brown University,
Alissa Conklin MD,
Allison Tammark, MPH, BC Cancer,
Allyson Sutkowi-Hemstreet, Physiotherapist,
Álvaro Flores Balado, MD, MPH, Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz,
Aly Kimber-Herridge, Midwife,
Amanda Dilger, MD, Mass General Brigham,
Amanda Lee, MD,
Amanda M Artsen, MD,
Amanda Millstein, Pediatrician, Climate Health Now,
Amanda Peppercorn, MD,
Amanda Roze,Physcician, University of Calgary,
Amaranta Herrera MD,
Amelia Maria Morillas Bulnes, RN, Facultad de Enfermería Universidad Nacional de Trujillo,
Amy Collins MD, Health Care Without Harm,
Ana Gabriela Gutiérrez Martínez, MPH, H. Ayuntamiento de Puente de Ixtla, Morelos,
Ana Karen Pérez Jiménez RDN, Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública,
Ana María Amaya Restrepo, Nueva Clínica Sagrado Corazón,
Ana Miranda, MD, Clinique Brétéché, Nantes,
Ana Rakovac (Dr.), MD, Consultant Chemical Pathologist,
Ana Yancy Cruz Zavala, UnimedLab,
Anahi Barrios, MD, Family Medicine, SUMEFAC,
Anamaria A Napoleão, RN,
Andrea Darrington, RN,
Andrei Kononov, The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne,
Andrés Reatiga Parrish, MD,
Andria M. Powers, MD, Children's Nebraska,
André Fenner, Researcher in Public Health
Ane Lund Ringen,RN,
Angelica O. Villareal-Fortaleza, MD, FPOGS, FPSUOG,
Angelica Xyz M. Turiao, TCNCHS-LEC, YSP, I AM SINAG,
Anjana Tandukar Shrestha, RN, Sudurpaschim International Dialysis Center,
Anju Wagh, Columbia University, Physician,
Ankush Bansal, MD,
Ann Loewen, MD, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE),
Ann Mead, RN,
Ann-Christine Duhaime, MD, Center for the Environment and Health, Boston MA,
Anna Bolton, Orthoptist, University Hospitals Dorset
Anna Borrell De Puig, Rn, Master en Prevención de Riesgos Laborales. Enfermera del Trabajo,
Anna Goldman, MD,
Anna Linakis, Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility,
Anna Perry, MS1, UC Davis School of Medicine,
Anna-Lisa Ainsworth, MD,
Annabelle M. Sinlao, MD, DPBA,Philippine Medical Association Committee on Environmental Health & Ecology, Manila Central University College of Medicine,
Anne Chevalier McKechnie, PhD, RN,
AnnMarie Walton, RN,
Antea DeMarsilis, MD,
Anthony Azzopardi, MD
Ariana Melendez, MD, University of California San Diego Health,
Arjun Sharma,MD , University of Chicago Adventist Hinsdale Hospital,
Armando Puocci, MD,
Ashley Duhon, MD, Bronx, NY,
Ashley McClure, MD, Climate Health Now,
Ashley Siegel, MD, General surgery resident, Brigham and Women’s Hospital,
Aslanidou Athina, RN,
Atenas Mena, RN,
Avner Leon, MD,
Barbara Erny, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine
Barbara Sattler, RN and Doctor of Public Health, California Nurses for Environmental Health and Justice,
Beatriz Piñeiro Lago, MD,
Benito P. Atienza, MD, Pediatrician,
Benjamin E. Northrup, MD, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology,
Benjamin Liu, MD,
Benjamin Rossington, Public Mental Health Team, Thrive LDN (Royal Free NHS Trust),
Bennett Berkowitz, MD,
Beth Zigmund, MD, Radiologist, University of Vermont Medical Center, Larner College of Medicine,
Bethanie Carney Almroth, PhD, Ecotoxicologist, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Bethany Earney, Orthoptist,
Bethany Tippett, Physiotherapist,
Bhedita Jaya Seewoo, PhD, Minderoo Foundation
Bianca Leone, Dentist,
Bianca Manzoli, Nutritionist, Comite de nutrição ABRALE,
​​Bistra Vlassakova, MD,
Blair Wylie, MD,
Blanca Cruz, MD, Médicas y Médicos Por La Nación,
Blue Bradley ARNP, Family Health Centers, WA,
Brad Schwartz MD, HealthGen Solutions LLC,
Brenda Nuyen MD,
Bridget Lee, Physician, BlueWater Health,
Bristol Moonga Ntebeka, MPH, University of Zambia,
Brita Lundberg, MD,
Brooke Hall MSN RN CNL,
Bruce Bekkar MD, Fellow, Climate for Health,
Bruce Krawisz, MD,
Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH,
Bruno Alejandro Díaz Mejía, Preventive Medicine,
Bruno Caramelli, MD, University of Sao Paulo,
Bryle Nicole Gumaru Barrameda, Medical Student, UC Davis School of Medicine,
Caitlin Gould, MPH,
Caitlin MacMillen, Physician, UC San Diego Health,
Callum Goolden, Trainee Clinical Scientist, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,
Candelaria Jaureguiberry, Lic. en Nutrición,
Candice Castellino, MD,
Cândida Maria Guerreiro do Nascimento Pité Madeira,
Caoimhe Clarke, Psychiatrist, Irish Doctors for the Environment ,
Cara B. Winstead, RN, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing,
Cara Cook, MS, RN, AHN-BC, Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments,
Caren Solomon, MD,
Carla Nordi Dovigo Pinheiro, Nutritionist,
Carmin Uppal, MPH,
Carole Lin, Physician,
Carolina Meneses Galicia, Physician,
Caroline Collins, MPH,
Caroline Doucet, Medical Student, CFMNB,
Caroline Stigant, Physician,
Caroline Wellbery, Physician, Georgetown University School of Medicine,
Carrie Lucchesi, Nursing Student, Milwaukee Area Technical College,
Carter White, MD,
Catelyn Richards, RN, Climate Action Nurses,
Cathleen Casillo, MD, CRNA,
Cecilia Sorensen, Physician, Columbia University,
Celia Osorno BSN, RN, MH,
Celina W. Maruta, MD,
Céline Bertrand, MPH,
Charlotte Höög, Physician, Karolinska Institutet,
Charlotte ter Haar, MD, University of California Irvine,
Chelsea Vitu, MD, MUSC,
Chen Kok Pun, Gastroenterologist, Tan Tock Seng Hospital,
Chomba Itah Matipa Levy Mwanawasa, MD, University Teaching Hospital
Christa Fernando, Medical Student, Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University,
Christian Lueme, Doctor of Public Health, Stellenbosch University,
Christina Haag, RN,
Christine Baluci, MPH, Malta Association for Public Health Medicine,
Christine Magendie (Dr.), MD,
Christopher E. Otto, MSN, RN, Delaware Nurses Association,
Christos Symeonides, MD, Pediatrician, Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne & Minderoo Foundation,
Christy Haas-Howard, RN,
Cindya Limon Castillo, MPH,
Claire Gervais, MD,
Claire Richards, Washington State University, RN,
Claire Rose-Innes, MD,
Clara Bermúdez Tamayo, MPH, Observatorio de Salud y Medio Ambiente de Andalucía, Escuela Andaluza de Salud Pública,
Clara Inés Meneses Sandoval,
Clare Kiely, MD,
Clare Nash Sandwell, RN, West Birmingham NHS Trust,
Clarice Maria de Araujo Rodrigues, RN, Researcher at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz),
Claudia C Prose, MD,
Claudio Andres Alarcon. Rural Generalist Anaesthetist, NSW Health,
Claudio Roberto Gonsalez, MD CEMA Hospital Especializado,
Cleeren sébastien, MD,
Cody R Quirk, MD, Texas A&M University,
Connie Cai Ru Gan, PhD in Public Health,
Corina Marjin, MD, Istituto di Igiene, Università di Pavia,
Corinne Guellec, Pharmacist,
Cristhian Antonio Nuñez Urías LPN,
Cristiane Baecker Avila, Psychologist
Cristina Watkins, MSN, FNP-BC,
Crystal Loucel, RN
Curtis Sera, MD,
Damian Markov (Dr.), MD, SSF - Sustentabilidad Sin Fronteras,
Damián Verzeñassi, Instituto de Salud Socioambiental, FCM-UNR,
Dana Morrison, MD,
Daneka Stryker, MD
Daniel Beaudry, MD,
Daniela Marina Coppola Olachea, MD,
Danielle Dempsey MD, Hennepin Healthcare,
Danielle Kulischak, Pharmacist,
Danielle Ruiz Miyazawa, Physician,
Darci Martinez,bDoctor of Nursing Practice, Family Nurse Practitioner, National Association of Hispanic Nurses, Denver Chapter,
David Blitzer, MD,
David Bolaños Fernández, Hospital Departamental Mario correa Rengifo ESE,
David G. Hill, MD,
David Hercot, MPH,
David Resnick, MPH, Penn Medicine,
Dawn Washington (Dr.), MD,
Deanna Parobeck, Physician,
Deborah Hotep, MD, APRN,
Deborah Steinbaum, Physician, PediatiCare Associates,
Debra L. Safer MD, Stanford University School of Medicine,
Demeter Tamás, Dentist,
Denise Dewald, Physician,
Denise M. Nepveux, PhD, OTR/L,
Derek Cawley, MD,
Desiree LaBeaud, MD,
Diana del Valle, MD,
Diane Gordon, MD, University of Colorado,
Dianne Woelke MSN,
Diccon Westworth, DVM, Veterinary Sustainability Alliance,
Dieter Lehmkuhl, MD,
Dillon Gurciullo, MD,
Dimitris Roussos,
Divyansh Agarwal, Physician, MGH,
Doriam Esperanza Camacho Rodriguez, RN, ANHE Latinoamerica,
Dulce María Castañeda Gutiérrez MD INSP / ESPM,
Edda Weimann, MD, MPH, Pediatrician, University of Cape Town and Technical University of Munich,
Eden Engel-Rebitzer, MD,
Edward C. Ketyer, MD, FAAP, Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania,
Eirene Yeung, MD, HCA Healthcare ,
Elaine Shelford Mead, PhD,
Elena Butler, RN.
Elena Codina Sampera, MD, Pediatric Environmental Health Unit, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu,
Elena Manvelyan, MD, Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment (AWHHE) NGO,
Elena Sciurpa, MD, Università di Torino,
Elisabeth Doran, MD,
Elizabet Paunovic, MD, retired Head of WHO/ECEH,
Elizabeth Bechard, MPH, Moms Clean Air Force,
Elizabeth C Jackson, MD ,
Elizabeth Cerceo, MD, CCA NJ,
Elizabeth Del Buono, MD,
Elizabeth Dickman, MPH,Community Health Worker, Island County Public Health
Elizabeth Durkes, RN,
Elizabeth E Hansen, MD PhD,
Elizabeth Gillespie, MD, University of Colorado School of Medicine,
Elizabeth Gonzalez, Physician,
Elizabeth Hastie, MD,
Elizabeth Helmke, Medical Student, UC Davis School of Medicine
Elizabeth Pinsky, Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital,
Elizabeth Rocco, MD,
Elizabeth Ryznar, MD MSc,
Elizabeth Schappe, RN,
Elizabeth Schenk, RN, Washington State University,
Elizabeth Yates, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital,
Ella Zhuo, Nursing Student, University of Pennsylvania,
Elsa Flores Perez, MPH, DPH, Secretaría de Salud del Estado de Guanajuato,
Elsbeth C Chaney, Radiologic Technologist (RT)(R)(CT), AMA Alliance, SCMA Alliance, GCMS Alliance,
Elsbeth C Chaney, Radiologic Technologist, AMA Alliance, SCMA Alliance, GCMS Alliance,
Elvira DRP Velloso, MD, PhD, associate professor FMUSP,
Emaline Laney, MD,
Emilia Piwowarczyk, RN,
Emily Bennett, RN,
Emily Bulik-Sullivan, UNC-CH joint MD/PhD Program, University of North Carolina,
Emily Little, RN,
Emily O'Hara, RN,
Emily Sbiroli, MD. University of Colorado,
Emma Carver, MD,
Emmanuel Ifechukwude Benyeogor, MPH,
Endrik H. Sy, MD, Philippine academy of Family Physicians Baguio Benguet Chapter,
Eoin Galavan, Psychologist
Eric Robles Garibay, MD,
Erica Mitrano, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner,
Erica Timko Olson, RN, PhD,
Ericka Carolina Murillo Rodríguez, RN, UNED-UCR,
Erika Kimball, RN, Kimball Sustainable Healthcare,
Erin F. Flynn, MD, Pediatrician,
Erin Grinstead, PhD, Psychologist,
Erin Will (Dr.) MD,
Erlend Tuseth Aasheim, Public Health Medicine,
Erlidia Flores Llamas-Clark, MD, MPH, PhD,
Erminia Guarner, MD, FACC,
Eshel A. Nir, MD, Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa,
Esteban Herrasti Martinez Parente MD, Instituto Nacional de Pediatría,
Esteban Juan Fiore, Doctor in Biomedical Science, Instituto de Investigaciones de Medicina Traslacional, Universidad Austral-CONICET,
Estefanía Daniela España Kanafany MD ,
Ethan Sims, MD, FACEP,
Eva Rawlings Parker, MD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center,
Eve Shapiro,MD,
Evelyn Brakema, MD,
Everton Tumilheiro Rafael, Biologist, Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas Dr João Amorim,
Ewa Gersin, Medical Laboratory Technologist (Cytology),
Fábio Latuf Gandour, MD
Fabio Luciano, MD,
Fábio Luiz Cotta Carriço, LPN,
Fe de Leon, MPH, Canadian Environmental Law Association,
Ferheen Abbasi, Medical Student, UC Davis School of Medicine,
Fernanda Maria Sousa Conceição, Nurse, Champalimaud Foundation,
Fernanda Marques Amorim, MD, CEJAM,
Fernanda Oliveira, RN, Intensive care specialist, Hospital Ipiranga ,
Ferran Campillo i López, Paediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (PEHSU), Equip Pediàtric Territorial de la Garrotxa,
Filomena Marino Carvalho, MD, Universidade de Sao Paulo,
Fiona Hanley, RN,
Flavia Del Grosso, Dentist,
Flora Lum, MD
Florence Vanek, RN Penn Medicine,
Floro Cubelo, MPH, the Filipino Nurses Association in the Nordic Region,
Frances Stewart, MD,
Francesco Aquino, MD, Azienda USL Toscana Nord ovest,
Francisca Cimatti MD, Family Medicine, OSPeCon,
Gauri Pathak, PhD, Aarhus University,
Geetha P Rajendran, MD,
Genny Silva, Medical Student, University of Pennsylvania,
George Andreas Viland, MD, Sykehuset Innlandet HF,
George Kitching, MD, MSc., Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment,
Georgie Sowman (Dr.), MD, Healthcare Ocean,
Germana Silva, MD, Nemours Children’s Hospital,
Giacomo Toffol, MD, Associazione Culturale Pediatri,
Giakoumi Evangelina, RN,
Gianluca Santia’ , Dentist,
Gil Benard, MD, PhD,
Giorgia Soldà, MD,
Giovanni Saccon, MD,
Giselle Mendez Ruiz, Clinical Nurse Consultant, NSW Health,
Giuliana Lunecke, TMD and OFP, UNAB,
Giuseppa Minutolo, Hygiene and Preventive Medicine,
Gloria E. Barrera, RN,
Grace Kistner, RN,
Grace Townsend, Medical Student, MS2, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine,
Graeme G Duncan (Dr.), MD,
Graham Heimler, Physician, UCSD Health
Gregorio Loprieno, MD,
Grosjean Antoine, Pharmacien,
Gustavo Ziggiatti Guth, Oncological Surgeon,
Hacah Goggin, RN, MSN, CT Nurse Association,
Haley Campbell, MPH, Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education, Columbia University
Hanna-Andrea Rother, Prof University of Cape Town,
Hannah Faal, MD, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital
Hannah Moreira, Physician,
Hari Shankar, Physician, University of Pennsylvania,
Harold Popma, Physician,
Harshul Sharma, MPH,
Hayden T. Schwenk, MD, MPH
Hector Diliz Nava MD, Instituto Nacional de Pediatría,
Heidi Adelsman, RN,
Heiko Pohl, MD, Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine,
Henrietta Holmes-Smith, Orthoptist, University Hospitals Dorset
Hervé Raps, MD, Centre Scientifique de Monaco,
Hetty Chung Northwell, Physician, Partners Ob/Gyn,
Hilary Ong, MD,
Hoang Viet Ha, Master of Medicine,
Hooriya Shafiq Butt, Lumina clinic,
Hugh Montgomery, MD, Professor of Intensive Care Medicine, University College London,
Hugo Agius Muscat, MD,
Ilana Beth Shumsky, MD,
Ilyssa O. Gordon, MD, PhD, Cleveland,
Imelda M. Mateo (Dr.),MD, Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center
Indra D. Kundzins, RN,
Ingela Jobe , PhD, University of Stavanger,
Irene Komarynsky, MD,
Irene Villalobos Roldan, RN,
Isabela M. , MD, Associate Professor, University of São Paulo, Bensenor School of Medicine,
Ismael Gómez de la Cruz, MPH
Israel Ananias de Lemos, MPH, Associação Adventista de Prevenção e Assistência a Saúde,
Itza James, RN
Ivan Fabrizzio Canaval Diaz, MD, MPH,
Ivan Theate, Pathology, CHU UCL Namur,
Jackie More, RN,
Jacklyn Ornelas, RN,
Jaclyn Wu, Stanford University, MD,
Jacqueline Beltran, Physician,
Jacqueline Ciron Angeles, MD, St Camillus Medical Center,
Jahel Aquilina. RN, MaterDei Hospital Malta,
Jaime Fausto Ayala Villarreal Psych., Colegio Internacional de Educación Superior,
Jake Daniel Bigcas,
Jakob Gran Augenklinik Graz, MD,
James Irlam, MPH, Division of Environmental Health, UCT Faculty of Health Sciences,
James Marcin, MD, MPH,
James Self, Anaesthetist, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,
Jami A Maxson, MD,
Jamie Anderson, MD,
Jane van Dis MD,
​​Janet Perlman,Physician, UCSF,
Janet R. Katz, RN,
Janette O’Sullivan,CNM, LM,
Javier Foncubierta Villamañán, Ophthalmologist, Sistema Canario de Salud,
Jeanne Ann Conry, MD, PhD, The Environmental Health Leadership Foundation
Jeanne M. Leffers, PhD, RN, FAAN; University of Massachusetts Dartmouth,
Jed Patrick Catalan, DScN(c), RN,
Jeffrey A Mann, MD,
Jehanna Erho, OBGYN,
Jenelle Vincent, RN,
Jennifer Lawson, MD,
Jennifer Michelle, MPH,
Jennifer Ozeir, MD,
Jennifer Rothschild, MD,
Jeremy Didier, Étudiant en médecine,
Jerome Fennell, Clinical microbiologist , Trinity College Dublin,
Jeromy W. Gotschall, MD,
Jess Morrissey, Physician Assistant,
Jessica LeClair, RN,
Jessica Wolff, MBA, MSN
Jessica Yeh, MD, Montefiore Medical Center,
Ji Won Suhr, MD, Hanaro Clinic of Internal Medicine,
Jill D. Aquino, RN, ANHE- Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments,
Jillian Tyler, MD,
Jimena Ayala Rabadán MD, MPH, Mexico City,
Joan H. Schiller, Physician,
JoAnne Kitain, MD,
Joao Queiroz e Melo, MD,
Johanna Schauer-Berg, Physician, Health for Future Austria,
John Blyth MBChB,
John Emmanuel Tayo, Visible Inclusion,
John Lazarus, Physician, University of Cape Town,
John Lohnes, Physician Assistant,
John O’Connor (Dr.), Physician, CAPE and Keepers of the Water,
Joji Suguwara, Vice President, Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI), Japan
Jonathan E. Slutzman, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School,
Jonathan Lu , MD,
Jonathan Shammash, MD Hackensack University Medical Center,
Jordan McIlveen, MPH,
Jorge Indalecio Barriga Ramírez, MD,
José Chen Xu, Public Health, NOVA National School of Public Health,
Jose de Arimateia Batista Araujo-Filho, MD, PhD,
José René Renovato Guzmán, MPSS, UASLP,
Joseph Grech, RN, Senior Lecturer MCAST,
Joseph McCabe, MD,
Joy Skaug, MD,
Joyce Stein, RN, Neonatal Intensive Care, Ann Arbor, MI,
Juan Luis Delgado Gallegos, Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias,
Juan Miguel Bayo Fina, Doctor in Biomedical Science, CONICET,
Judith Schmidt, RN,
Julia C. Steiner, MPH,
Julia Sawatzky, MD, University of Alberta,
Julia Schoen, MD,
Julian Sánchez, Hospital de Especialidades Pediátricas, Panama
Julie C. Jacobson Vann, PhD, MS, RN, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Nursing,
Jürgen Adam Sánchez MD,
Justine T. Lacuesta, RN,
Kaitlynn Liset, NH Nurses Association Commission on Planetary Health
Kali Smolen, MD-PhD student,
Kara Coombs Compass Nurse Coaching, RN
Karen Burt-Imira, MD,
Karen Ceballos, MD, St. Luke's Medical Center College of Medicine ,
Karen Davila, Social Worker
Karen Quintero MD, MPH,
Karen Malmsten, Master in Parent Child Nursing,
Karen Maule, MD, East Greenwich Pediatrics,
Karin Nedergaard Jacobsen, LPN, Aarhus Universitetshospital,
Karina Pavão Patricio, MD, Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu,
Karina Villarroel Oyarzún, MD,
Karine Svelle Mellqvist, RN,
Kate Wylie (Dr.), MD, Doctors for the Environment ,
Katerina Maderycova, MD, GP, Czech Republic
Katherine Frederick-Dyer, MD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN,
Katherine He, Physician,
Katherine Louer, Family Nurse Practitioner,MPH,
Katheryn Cortes, MS, RN,
Kathleen Wardell, RN, California Nurses for Environmental Health and Justice,
Kathryn Shaw, Physician,
Kathy Lynn Reiner, MPH, Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments,
Katja Riehle, RN,
Keerti Dantuluri, MD,
Kelly Bouthillet (Dr.), DNP, APRN, Community & Academia,
Kelly Wright, MD,
Kenneth Barker, MD, Clinical Lead, National Green Theatres Programme, Scotland
Kenneth Craig Bishop, MD,
Kenneth Goldblum, Physician,
Kent Boyd, RN,
Kerry Brochu, Physician Assistant, Brigham and Women’s Hospital,
Kesley Pedler MBBS, FRACS (Urology),
Kevan Coffey, DNP,
Kirigo Wachira, MD,
Kizzi Belfon, MPH, Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine,
Kokosu Yagi MD,
Kourtney Trudgen Grant, MD,
Kristen Garcia, MD,
Kristian Syberg, Associate Professor, Roskilde University,
Kristiina Patja, MD, University of Helsinki,
Kristin Lyman Nabors, RN,
Kristine Fahl Cahali, MD, PhD, Faculdade de Medicina ( São Paulo University ),
Krithea Baker, RN,
La Vaida Owens-White,
Lara Drake, MD
Larry C. Villanueva, Safety Practitioner, PSSPPA,
Laura Donahue, MD, University of Chicago Medicine,
Laura Kellogg, RN, AE-C,
Laura Larriba Leira, biologo, Servicio Gallego de Salud,
Laura Reali , MD, ECPCP President (,
Laurette Geldenhuys (Dr.), MD, Dalhousie University,
Leena Varghese, RN,
Leila Antonangelo, MD, Clinical Pathology, FMUSP,
León Bastian Padilla Leyer,
Leonardo Trasande, NYU Grossman School of Medicine,
Leslie Adogame (Dr.) MPH, PhD,
Leslie Akram, Physician,
Leslie Kulikowski, PhD,
Leticia Sánchez Ramos, RN, Centro Especializado de Atención a Personas con Discapacidad Visual,
Lindsay Komar, RN, Research Partner,University of Alberta,
Lisa M Thompson, RN,
Lisa Patel MD, MESc, FAAP, Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health and Clinical, Pediatrics at Stanford School of Medicine,
Liz Mizelle, RN, ECU College of Nursing,
Louise Goodes, Physiotherapist,Researcher
Louise Webster, MD, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust,
Lucas Burchard Señoret, DVM,
Lucas Freshman, RN
Lucia da Conceicao Andrade, MD, Professor, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Sao Paulo,
Lucila Citcioglu, MPH, Pediatrician, Health Care Without Harm,
Lucy Drummond, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Vermont,
Ludwig L. Albornoz, MD,
Luís Fernando Amato, Doctor in Science , Lourenco, Freie Universitat Berlin,
Lydia Hangulu-Lusaka, PhD in Health Promotion , Apex Medical University,
Luiz Fernando Ferraz da Silva, Physician,
Lynne Baker, RN, Napa Climate NOW,
Mafoko Phomane, MPH,
Mahesh Bhatt (Dr.), MD,
Mahmood Bhutta, Professor of Sustainable Healthcare,
Makenzie White, LSW MPH MCHES,
Manijeh Berenji,
Mara Tommasi , MD,
Marc Daryl P Orial, Medical Technologist,
Marc Levanel, Parma D,
Marcia González Garay, Hospital Dr.Rafael Angel Calderón Guardia,
Marco Antonio Saavedra Bravo, MPH, Kaizen Manager,Hospital Sírio-Libanês,
Marcos Amaku, Physicist,
Marcos Antonio Cyrillo, MD,
Margareth Aravena Romero, Universidad de Concepción,
Mari-Ann Kristine Pura Ecleo, Physician, RHU GUBAT Sorsogon,
Maria Claudia N Zerbini, MD, University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine,
Maria Elena Sanchez-Anguiano, Medical Student,
María Esther Hernández, Dentist,
Maria Federica Feliciano, MD,
María Fernanda Guerra Garcia,
María Fernanda Torres Ruiz MD,
Maria Filomena Valentina, Medical Specialist, ISDE ITALIA,
Maria Grazia Petronio, Specialista in Nefrologie e in Igiene e Medicine Preventiva-Epidemiologia e Sanità Pubblica, ISDE,
Maria Minerva P. Calimag (Prof.) MD, M.Sc., PhD,
María Teresa Ferrada Escanilla, Nurse and Master in Environment, SOCHISAP,
Maria Teresa Maurello, MD, Presidente ISDE Italia sezione di Arezzo,
María Verónica Torres Cerino, Hospital Universitario Austral,
Marianne Parshley, MD FACP,
Marianne White, Midwife, NHS Tayside,
Maricar Capatan,Medical Specialist, Novatas City Hospital,
Maricela Curisinche Rojas, Doctora en Salud Pública, Instituto Nacional de Salud, Peru
Marie Bourne, MD, Czech Republic
Marina Fernandez (Dr.) CONICET,
Marisa Dolhnikoff, MD, Pathology,
Marjaneh Moini, MD,
Marj Plumb, DR. PhD, San Francisco Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility
Mark Devon Maitim, Tagum SDG Youth Action Force,
Mark Huising, PhD, UC Davis School of Medicine,
Mark Nichter, Medical Anthropologist PhD, MPH, Regents Professor, University of Arizona,
Marlene Bluestein, MD,
Marlise Pedrotti, Pharmacist,
Martha Kearns, LVHN, MD,
Mary Jane Nowak, MD,
Mary Wyman, Family Nurse Practitioner,
Marya Zlatnik, MD,
MaryLee Pakieser, MSN, RN, FNP- BC,
Maryoli Antonella Veloso Fraigola, MD, Hospital Universitario Severo Ochoa, SPain
Maura Brown, Physcician, UBC,
Maureen Boyle, MD,
Maya R. Kalogirou, RN, Doctor of Philosophy, Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment,
Meera Bajwa, Physician,
Megan R. Schwarzman, MD, University of California,
Megan Whitman, MD,
Meg Whitman MD, MPH candidate, Internal Medicine
Melanie Fiorella, MD,
Melanie Haines, Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital,
Melanie Maddison, RN, KCL,
Melissa Lem, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Family Practice, University of British Columbia,
Mica Armstrong, MPH, Mica Armstrong Energetics, Netherlands
Michele Barry, MD, Dean of Global Health, Stanford University
Michael J. Martin, MD,
Michael Perrot, RN,
Michael Soman, MD,
Michail E. Zouloufos, Public Health Medicine,
Michelle Dives, RN,
Michelle Gomes, LPN
Michelle Isles, MD,
Michelle Nhat Ly T. Reyes, MD, RPh, Health Care Without Harm Southeast Asia,
Mili Roy, Ophthalmologist, Ocular immunologist University of Toronto,
Mindy Hastie, Physician,
Ming-Nan Lin, MD,
Mira Parekh, MD,
Miranda Keller, LPN,
Miriam Lalas, MD, Philippine College of Chest Physicians,
Miriam Roca, MD, Università degli studi della Campania L. VANVITELLI,
Mirian Nacagami Sotto, MD, Faculdade de Medicina USP,
Mohamad Farhan bin Mohd Nasarudin (Dr.), Physician, Malaysia Stop Waste Trade Coalition,
Mohamed El Sahili (Dr.), MD, Medland Hospital,
Mollie Grow MD MPH, Pediatrician, Seattle Washington,
Molly Mayo-Hilgenberg Herr, MD Rochester,
Mona Sarfaty, MD, Maryland Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate,
Mônica Andreis, Psychologist, ACT Promoção da Saúde
Mónica Elizabeth Castillo Miñaca MPH, Ecuador
Montserrat Mendoza Martinez MPH, Greenpeace,
Montserrat Piñas Forcadell, RN, Hospital Comarcal d'Amposta,
Morgan Park, RN,
Nadia Johana Minjares Grajeda, MD, Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social,
Nadine Doll, Master in international health & social management,
Nan Amanda Wang, MD,
Nancy Brookes, RN,
Nancy Easton MD, CCFP,
Natalie DeBell, MD,
Natasha Lalloo, MD, University of Cape Town,
Nathan Arnett, MD, Resident physician, Brigham and Women’s Hospital,
Nathan Kuppermann, Physician,
Nduhuura Elicana, MD,
Neema Simon Malifimbo, Pharmacist, ia
Nelson Andres Montero Ramirez, Hospital Universitario San rafael de Tunja,
Nguyen Huy Nga, MD, CHERAD ,
Nguyen Thanh Hai, MD, Haiphong University of Medicine and Pharmacy,
Nick Weir, Doctor, PhD, Clinical Scientist,
Nicola Hubbard, Care Coordinator,
Nicole Thibodo, RN, UC Davis Medical Center,
Nilva Bortoleto, Pharmacist
Nikoline Garner Oturai, Postdoc, Environmental scientist, Roskilde University,
Nina A. Guzzetta, MD, Emory University; Children's Healthcare of Atlanta,
Nina A. Juntereal, PhD, RN, University of Pennsylvania,
Nina Schloemerkemper, Physician,
Nishanga Bliss, DAIM, DSc, LAc, Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College,
Noah Canvasser, Assc Prof, UC Davis Dept of Urologic Surgery,
Noé Garin Escrivá, Pharmaceutical Doctor, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau,
Nomana Tswina, Physiotherapist,
Nonjabuliso Dlamini ,Environmental health practitioner,
Noriko Maruyama, RN,
Norm Campbell, MD, University of Calgary, Alberta Health Professionals for the Environment,
Norma Karina López Sanabria, MD,
Norma May Huss, Nursing Lecturer, Hochschule Esslingen,
Nuala Hampson, Pharmacist,
Nuno Corte-Real, MD,
Ofelia Lopez franco, DMD,
Ojistoh Horn, Physician, Kanonkwatseri:io Medical Clinic,
Omar Acosta Ruiz, MPH, National Public Health Institute,
Oriana Rossi, MD,
Orlagh O'Shea, Physiotherapist,
Orlanda Chapouto, LPN ,
Orly Farber, MD,
Paige J Halvorson, MD
Pamela Guthman, DNP, RN, APHN-PHN,
Paolo Lauriola, MD, RIMSA (ISDE-Italy/FNOMCeO),
Patricia Alves da Silva, RN,
Patrícia de Oliveira Furukawa, RN, Clínica Amare Pediatria Especializada,
Paul Chelule, Medical Specialist,
Paula Castano, MD, Columbia University,
Paula Regina Geronymo Circelli Herreira, Farmacêutica, Fundação Santa casa de misericórdia de franca Ame São Carlos,
Paula Timmons, HT(ASCP),
Paulina Seguí, Anesthesiologist,
Pauline Thomas, MD, AAPNJ, CCANJ,
Paulo Saldiva, MD, Fmusp,
Pearl Cruz, RN,
Pedro J. Saturno-Hernández, INSP,
Peggy Ann Berry, RN, Thrive at Life: Working Solutions,
Penelope Black, MD, Port Macquarie Base Hospital,
Perri Morgan, Physician Assistant,
Peter Bernstein, MD, Mount Sinai Health System,
Peter Moyer, MD,
Peter Orris, MD, MPH, University of Illinois Chicago,
Peter Trinh, Physician, Brigham and Women's Hospital,
Phạm Minh Khuê, MD,
Phạm Thị Thoa, MD, Hồng Ngọc Phúc Trường Minh General Hospital,
Philip Barber, MD, University of Calgary,
Philip J. Landrigan, MD, MSc, FAAP,
Phoebe Cunningham, Medical Student, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine,
Pietro Forghieri, Public health and preventive medicine, International Society of Doctors for the Environment Italy,
Pilar E Castro, MD,
Piper Andrews, Nurse Practitioner, WCMC,
Prabhakar Devavaram, MD,
Preeti Jaggi, Physician
Prem Adheesh Lekhi Ssiom Ingo (Dr.), MD,
Prerana Dangol, Health Care Waste Management Professional, HECAF 360,
Priya Dave, MD
Rachel Abbott Kaiser Permanente, Physician,
Rachel Kerr, DNP, RN,
Rachel Villalon, MD, NorthBay Health,
Rae Smith, RN,
Rafaela Brugalli Zandavalli, MD, Family Doctor,
Raffaele Mandarano, MD,
Ralph Levinson, MD, UCLA emeritus,
Raluca Radu RN, University of British Columbia,
Raphael Nosce, MD,
Raquel Feroe (Dr.), MD,
Rashika Mathews, MD,
Raymond Ruyoka, MPH, YADNET AFRICA,
Raymundo Soares de Azevedo Neto, MD, Universidade de São Paulo,
Rebecca S Johnson, MD,
Regena Spratling, PhD, RN, APRN, CPNP-PC, FAANP, FAAN, National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners,
Regina LaRocque, MD MPH, Harvard Medical School,
Renata Aparecida Belei, RN, Universidade Estadual de Londrina,
Renée Turcotte, MD,
Renzo R. Guinto, MD DrPH, SingHealth Duke-NUS Global Health Institute, Duke-NUS Medical School, National University of Singapore,
R Hixson (Dr.) ,MD, Healthcare Ocean,
Ricardo Andrés Rivera Flores, PhD student Hospital Administration and Public Health, Hospital D'María,
Ricardo Crespo Regalado, MD student, UNC School of Medicine,
Richard Hixson,MD,
Richard M Goldberg MD,
Richard Tolin, MD,
Riley De Blonde, MD, CCFP, Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Rishi Raj Borah, Eye Health Professional, Orbis International
Robert Needleman, MD,
Roberta Miranda, MD,
Roberta Re ASL Vercelli, MD, ASL Vercelli,
Roberto Álvarez , MD
Robert M. Gould, MD
Roberto Romizi, MD, President Associazione Medici per l'Ambiente ISDE Italia,
Robyn Gilden, PhD, RN, University of Maryland School of Nursing,
Rocío Alejandra González Tapia, RN,
Rocio Gonzalez, Nutritionist, Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires,
Roded Koral, MD
Ronda Seifert, RN IBCLC Retired Public Health Nurse,
Rose Jones, Medical Anthropologist,
Rose Schneider, MPH, American Public Health Association,
Rosemarin Karen Ekwueme King, MD,
Rouf Bashir, Medical Specialist, SKIMS Medical College and Hospital,
Ruby Gotera Navarro, RN, St. Pauls Hospital of Iloilo, INC.
Rui Dang, Health Economist, Ala-Too International University, Learna Ltd Diploma MSc and Club Climate Europe,
Ruth Gonseth, MD, Shanti Med Nepal,
Ruth Lee, RN, University of Pennsylvania,
Ruth Moges,MD, Brigham & Women's Hospital,
Sahar Nouredini, RN, CSUEB,
Salman Khan, Medical Student, International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA),
Salvatore Mignogna, MD, Doctor Specialization,
Samira Hussein MPH, Nutrition Alliance for Planetary Health and Budgets,
Sandra Braun, MD,
Sandra Regina Da Conceição Eliziario, RN,
Sandra Vernero, MD,
Sarah Alison Dunlop, PhD, Minderoo Foundation
Sarah Bucic, MSN, RN,
Sarah H. Kagan PhD, RN, University of Pennsylvania,
Sarah Kristin Andersen, MD, University of Alberta,
Sarah Schear, MD, MS,
Sarah Walpole (Dr.), Physician, James Cook University Hospital, NHS,
Sarahí Soto Morales, MPH,
Saravanan Thangarajan (Dr.), Dentist, Harvard Medical School,
Sasha Becker, MD, Northwestern Memorial Hospital,
Savita N. Potarazu, MD,
Scheila Pacheco Hoffman, Pharmaceutical, Fundação Universidade Caxias do Sul -Hospital Geral,
Serge Doussant, MPH, Green Vientiane,
Sergio Bernasconi, MD,
Shahieda Adams MD, Centre for Environmental and Occupational Health Research,
Shanda Demorest, RN,
Shankar Man Rai, MD, Nepal Cleft and Burn Center, Kirtipur Hospital, Kathmandu,
Shari Fallis, MD, CCFP,
Sheetal Khedkar Rao, MD, Nordson Green Earth Foundation,
Sheetal Rao, Nordson Green Earth Foundation,
Sheila López Moreira, Public Health and Preventive Medicine,
Sherika Whitelocke-Ballingsingh, MPH, The Caribbean Poison Information Network,
Sherjan Kalim (Dr.), Pathologist,
Shira Abeles, MD, University of California San Diego,
Shiu-Lin Tsai, MD, Columbia University Medical Center,
Shreya Doshi, MD, Pediatric infectious diseases fellow at Children's National Hospital,
Sie Meng Lee, Medical Student,Erasmus Medical Center,
Sierra Jansen, Physician
Silvio Conedera, MD, PhD, Oslo University Hospital,
Sjoerd Elferink, Ophthalmologist, Netherlands
Sofia Maria Braz Ramos,RN,
Soili Kasanen, Physician, NHS Eloisa,
Sophie Pestieau, MD,
Stacey P Spence, MD,
Stacy Wolf, PNP, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Stefan Wheat, Physician,
Stefano Nieri, Dentist,
Stella Protopapas, MPH,
Stephan Malherbe, Medical specialist,
Stephanie Atkinson, MD,
Stephanie Crossen (Dr.), MD,
Stephanie Joy B. Abnasan-Diong-an, family Medicine, Stephanos Medical Services, Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine,
Stephanie Montero Bending, MPH, Clean Air Institute,
Stéphanie Richard SSMG et Care-Act-Terre, MPH,
Stephen Begbie, Port Macquarie Oncology,
Stephen Wilton, Cardiologist, University of Calgary,
Steven D Averbuch MD, Consultant,
Sue Atkinson, MD, UCL,
Sue Faulds, RN, University of York,
Sue Metcalfe (Dr.), MD,
Suryakumar Narayanasamy, MD,
Susan Racine, MD,
Susan Summerton, Physician,
Susan Wilburn, MPH,
Susanne Saha (AGN), MD, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Nachhaltigkeit in der Dermatologie (AGN) e.V. ,
Suzanne Gilberg Lenz, MD,
Swapna Gayam, MD,
Sydney Engel,MD, GBPSR,
Tamiko Katsumoto, MD, Stanford University,
Tara Hata, MD, Cleveland Clinic,
Tarek A. Hijaz, MD Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois,
Ted Schettler MD, MPH, Science and Environmental Health Network,
Teddie Potter, RN, University of Minnesota School of Nursing,
Thais Mauad, MD, Associate professor, Sao Paulo University,
Thenappan Chandrasekar, MD,
Theresa Lang, RD, CDCES Hennepin Healthcare Inc.,
Thomas B. Newman, MD, MPH, UCSF School of Medicine
Thomas Kuczmarski, MD
Timothy Malone (Dr.), MD, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital,
Tina Bharani, MD,
Tiziano Caprara, MD,
Todd Carrigan, Physician Assistant, OrthoCarolina,
Todd L Sack, MD,
Tomica Ancevski, Specialist of Internal Medicine, Republic of Macedonia
Tracey Easthope, MPH ,
Tracy Lorigan Hoag, RN,
Tsouknida Paraskevi Cosmoshealth (Mrs) Medical Physicist BSc MSc,
Valeria Aoki, MD, University of Sao Paulo,
Venancio Avancini Ferreira Alves, MD, Professor of pathology
Victoria Camille M. Bucoy-Zamboanga City Medical Center,
Vitória Moraes, Nutritionist, ACT Promoção da Saúde
Vijayashree Hiremath, Obstetric and gynecology,
Vincenzo Tesone, MD,
Virginia Mary Rosen, RN, BSN Holistic Nurse for the Environment,
Vital de oliveira Ribeiro Filho, Hospitais Saudáveis,
Wendy J Bernstein, MD,
Wendy Ring, MD,
Weruska David Barrios, Nutritionist, Doutoranda em Nutrição em Saúde Pública, Pesquisadora da Faculdade de Saúde Pública da USP,
William Beasley, Physician, Swansea Bay University Health Board,
William Ford, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital,
William Pevec, MD, University of California, Davis,
Willow Limbach, Medical Student, UC Davis School of Medicine,
Wolfgang Preiser (Prof.), Medical Virology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University
Wu Tu Hsing, MD, FMUSP,
Wynne Armand, Physician,
Ximena Pacheco, Vozandes Hospital,
Xoán Xosé Hermelo Millán, RN
Yadav Prasad Joshi, Ph.D., Nepal Open University, Lalitpur,
Yasmin Kamal, MD,
Yoon Leng Ooi,
Yuba Nidhi Basaula (Dr), MD, Shukraraj Tropical and infectious Hospital,
Yvonne Chan, MD, UC Davis Medical Center,
Zerina Lokmic-Tomkins, RN, Monash University,
Zevidah Vickery, MD,
Zuleica Nycz, Scientific Methodology Specialist, Toxisphera Environmental Health Association,

Other supporting organizations

AbibiNsroma Foundation
A Plastic Planet and Plastic Health Council
ACT Promoção da Saúde
Asociación Ecológica Santo Tomás, A.C.
Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Cape Town
Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF)
Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment
Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)
Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas (CEJAM)
Community Action Against Plastic Waste (CAPws)
Earth Island Institute Asia-Pacific
Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)
Fossil Free
Fundación El Árbol
Fundación FAMICINE, Festiverd, Venezuela
GAIA Africa (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives Africa)
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA)
Health and Environment Justice Support (HEJSupport)
Human Environmental Association for Development
La Red de Acción en Plaguicidas y sus Alternativas para América Latina (RAP-AL) Uruguay
Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Foundation (OSHE foundation), Oceana, Brazil
Projeto Saude e Alegria
Reacción Climática, Bolivia
RSK Group Ltd
Red de Acción por los Derechos Ambientales (RADA)
SSF - Sustentabilidad Sin Fronteras
Stichting Huize Aarde
Sustainable Community Development Hub
WALHI/Friends of the Earth Indonesia
Women's Healthy Environments Network
WoodSafe Sustainable Solutions