Air Pollution

Philippine health organizations launch groundbreaking alliance for climate and clean air

The Health Alliance for Climate and Clean Air Philippines (HACCAP) was launched on August 5, 2023, as a response to the urgent need to address air pollution and its severe health impacts in the Philippines. This groundbreaking initiative involves leading health societies, including the Philippine College of Chest Physicians, Philippine College of Physicians, Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Lung Center of the Philippines, and Health Care Without Harm Southeast Asia. HACCAP aims to raise awareness about the interconnectedness of air pollution, climate change, and public health, conduct research on these issues, and advocate for robust policies to combat them. Air pollution is a significant health crisis, contributing to millions of premature deaths globally, and is exacerbated by climate change. The Philippines has faced particularly high levels of air pollution, ranking third in air pollution-related deaths worldwide in 2018. HACCAP's launch marks a pivotal moment in addressing these critical challenges, and it seeks to engage stakeholders, including health professionals and policymakers, in collective action.

Statement of Commitment – Breathing for a Brighter Tomorrow: Health and Climate Advocates Unite for Clean Air in the Philippines

On the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies in September 2023, healthcare professionals and climate advocates in the Philippines have come together to address the urgent issue of air pollution by signing a Statement of Commitment. This statement acknowledges the devastating impact of air pollution on the health of Filipinos. The group commits to raising awareness, conducting research, and advocating for policies to combat air pollution. They call upon the government to update air quality standards, enforce regulations, improve air quality monitoring, mandate health assessments for development projects, and transition to clean energy sources. Their goal is to make clean air a fundamental right for all Filipinos. They invite everyone to join them in this crucial movement by signing up and showing their support for this Statement of Commitment.

NEW REPORT: Healthy Air Now - Summary Assessment of HCWH Sensors in the Philippines

In an aim to assess the exposure of Filipinos to air pollution, Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) in the Philippines installed air quality monitors in three observation areas: National Children’s Hospital (NCH) along high-traffic E. Rodriguez Road in Quezon City, St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo (SPHI) that’s 1-kilometer away from PEDC Coal power plant and a third monitor was installed 600 meters from the 450-MW Limay coal-fired power plant in Bataan.

PRESS RELEASE (Philippines) | Breathe Without Burden: Report on Air Quality & Health Impacts of Coal-Fired Power in the Philippines Launched

Manila, Philippines – Energy-, Environmental-, and Health Justice organizations today launched a new report by Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air called “Air Quality & Health Impacts of Coal-Fired Power in the Philippines”, which reveals the deleterious impacts and potential effects of existing and proposed coal plants on our health and the environment, and its hidden cost to the public and the economy.

New film: First, do no harm

Health Care Without Harm partnered with The Skoll Foundation and Freethink to produce a video featuring impassioned experts from around the world discussing the health impacts of climate change.