2020 Health Care Climate Challenge

The 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge is a Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) initiative to mobilize health care institutions around the globe to protect public health from climate change.

Health care is uniquely positioned to play a leading role in addressing climate change, which The Lancet has called “the greatest health threat of the 21st century.”

By moving toward low carbon health systems, health care can mitigate its own climate impact, save money and lead by example. By becoming more resilient, health care can help prepare for the growing impacts of climate change. And by providing societal leadership the health sector can help forge a vision of a future with healthy hospitals and healthy people living on a healthy planet.

The Challenge is based on three main pillars:

  1. Mitigation – Reducing health care’s own carbon footprint and/or fostering low carbon health care.
  2. Resilience – Preparing for the impacts of extreme weather and the shifting burden of disease.
  3. Leadership – Educating staff and the public while promoting policies to protect public health from climate change.

GGHH invites health care facilities and organizations to join the 2020 Challenge.  By doing so, they are granted automatic membership in GGHH.



The 2020 Challenge currently has 163 participants, representing the interests of more than 14,000 hospitals and health centers in 24 countries. Click here to access the list of Participants.

Many of the initial participants have set ambitious mitigation targets of 30% or more carbon reduction by 2020. Yet all hospitals, health centers and health systems from everywhere in the world are encouraged to participate and help foster climate smart, low carbon care. The first step is to sign the 2020 Challenge pledge.

Climate Champion Awards

As part of the 2020 Challenge, participants can receive global recognition for their leadership role in the movement toward a low carbon health sector and a healthy climate.

To be eligible for awards, organizations must be an official participant in the 2020 Challenge while setting their targets and tracking their progress through Hippocrates Data Center.

To access the list of the 2020 Challenge Climate Champion Awards’ winners from 2015 and 2016 and for more information on the award categories, click here.

Green Health Challenges

The 2020 Challenge is part of the Green Health Challenges. The Green Health Challenges are a data-driven initiative, designed to help healthcare organizations commit to sustainability goals and track their own environmental projects and efforts. They are challenging GGHH’s robust network to commit to reducing their environmental footprint.

The Green Health Challenges also focuses on two of the ten GGHH Sustainability Goals: Waste and Energy.

For more information on the program, click here.