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  • Health Effects from Coal Use in Energy Generation

This scientific literature review is a new initiative of the Health Care Research Collaborative based at UIC and carried out in conjunction with Health Care Without Harm, and is part of a project to evaluate the health impacts and healthcare costs of energy generation choices across a number of countries. Authors: Erica Burt, MPH, Peter Orris, MD, MPH, and Susan Buchanan, MD, MPH.

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  • Climate Change: Health Impacts and Opportunities

The Global Climate and Health Alliance (HCWH is a founding member) has released a briefing report, video and series of infographics to explain the health implications of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) Working Group II report. The Alliance argues that there is still time to turn what has been called “the biggest global health threat of the 21st century” into one of our biggest opportunities to improve health. Download.

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  • Healthy Hospitals, Healthy Planet, Healthy People: Addressing Climate Change in Health Care Settings

WHO-HCWH Climate Report Healthy Hospitals, Healthy Planet, Healthy People: Addressing Climate Change in Health Care Settings sets out good examples of hospitals around the globe addressing climate change. Download report.



  • Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Agenda

More than 608 Hospitals, Health Systems, Health Care Facilities and Health Organizations representing the interests of more than 20,775 Hospitals and Health Centers from six continents have come together to form a global network dedicated to reducing their ecological footprint and promoting public environmental health. Download Agenda.


  • Acting Now for Better Health: A 30% Reduction Target for EU Climate Policy

Provides the first-ever estimates of the health savings for different Member States should the European Union move from the current 20% target to a 30% target on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Download report.


  • Managing the Health Effects of Climate Change

Lancet and University College London Institute for Global Health Commission. Download.

  • Atlas of Health and Climate

WHO -- The Atlas of health and climate is a product of this unique collaboration between the meteorological and public health communities. It provides sound scientific information on the connections between weather and climate and major health challenges. Outlines seven steps health care systems can take to reduce their climate footprint while improving public health, and presents examples from around the world. Download.


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To download the following infographic, click here. Source: Global Climate and Health Alliance.

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