Data collection tools and calculators

  • Health Care Without Harm - Health care waste trackersHealth Care Without Harm and HECAF360 developed six tracking tools for health care facilities to understand and control their waste management. Each tracker is specially designed for a different stage of the waste management process, and they may be filled in by different people playing different roles in the system. Optimized for daily data entry, the tracker produces clear summary tables and graphs that a waste manager, waste management committee, or facility director can quickly view to assess system performance and make informed decisions.
  • UNDP GEF (2009) Individualized Rapid Assessment Tool (I-RAT): UNDP GEF guidance on Elements for a baseline assessment: This guidance lists the data needed from a healthcare facility before the introduction of best practices and techniques related to healthcare waste management. It also describes the rationale and procedures to gather and analyze the baseline data.
  • WHO costing tools.