Green Guide for Health Care

Imagine: Cancer treatment facilities built without materials linked to cancer; pediatric clinics free of chemicals that trigger asthma; hospitals with healthy food, fresh air, sunlight ...


Imagination is becoming reality today with a dynamic new healthy building initiative being used by leading health care institutions around the world. The Green Guide for Health Care is the first quantifiable sustainable design, construction and operations toolkit customized for the healthcare sector — and a transformational tool for building hospitals that are healthy for people and the environment.

Best practices in the Green Guide for Health Care include:

  • Incorporating healing design elements such as daylighting and views of nature
  • Using innovative technologies to reduce energy and water usage
  • Reducing hazardous chemicals such as mercury, lead, dioxin, cadmium, phthalates, and halogenated flame retardants
  • Implementing green operations, ranging from organic food to housekeeping and landscaping protocols

Updated GGHC Resources

Sustainable Health Care Architecture, a resource from Robin Guenther and Gail Vittori, Co-Coordinators of the Green Guide for Health Care

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