Ten Goals

The Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Agenda sets out to support existing efforts around the world to promote greater sustainability and environmental health in the health sector, and thereby to strengthen health systems globally.

This document provides a comprehensive framework for hospitals and health systems everywhere in the world to achieve greater sustainability and to contribute to improved public environmental health.

This framework consists of ten interconnected goals. Each contains a series of Action Items that hospitals and health systems can implement. Most hospitals will want to start with a focus on two or three goals and chart a course for specific steps to achieve them, with a plan to subsequently move on to the next challenge.

LeadershipLeadership | Prioritize environmental health as a strategic imperative
ChemicalsChemicals | Substitute harmful chemicals with safer alternatives 
WasteWaste | Reduce, treat and safely dispose of healthcare waste 
EnergyEnergy | Implement energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy generation
WaterWater | Reduce hospital water consumption and supply potable water 
TransportationTransportation | Improve transportation strategies for patients and staff 
FoodFood | Purchase and serve sustainably grown, healthy food 
PharmaceuticalsPharmaceuticals | Prescribe appropriately, safely manage and properly dispose of pharmaceuticals
BuildingsBuildings | Support green and healthy hospital design and construction
PurchasingPurchasing | Buy safer and more sustainable products and materials

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