Sustainable Procurement - Resources

Table of contents

  1. Guidance documents
  2. Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth resources
  3. Additional resources
  4. Product specifications



1. Guidance documents


2. Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth resources

A. Purchasing goods and services

-- Food

-- Medical devices and supplies

-- Non-medical devices

-- Building materials and furnishings

B. Reducing health care impacts

C. Implementation strategies

D. Cost Analysis Tools

E. Purchasing Cooperative

  • Greenhealth Exchange: Purchasing cooperative that makes it easy to source products and services used in health care settings that are good for people, the planet, and the bottom line

F. Case studies on sustainable procurement

  • Global green and healthy hospitals case studies: Health care organizations around the world share their purchasing successes and learn from each other
  • Sample of case studies (Practice Greenhealth):
    • Fluid management in the operating room: A case study on how one health care organization reduced waste and increased staff safety by switching to a fluid management system
    • Reusable textiles: A case study on the strategies and implementation process taken by one health care organization to move away from disposable to reusable textiles to save money and reduce waste
    • Reusable trocars: A case study of the process used by one health care organization to evaluate and compare total costs of reusable and disposable trocars to find significant cost savings
  • Strategic Procurement in European Healthcare: Selection of best practice and case studies

G. Recognition programs


3. Additional resources

You may also find helpful the following external resources on implementing sustainable procurement:

A. Sustainable public procurement, general guidance

B. Social and ethical procurement

C. Sustainable procurement claims and labeling

D. Identifying criteria

E. United Nations resources


4. Product specifications

A. Protection without pollution: COVID-19 waste-reduction strategies

  1. Guidance for sustainable glove purchasing: As health care facilities rethink their purchasing and supply chains in the wake of COVID-19, this guidance can serve as a roadmap for advancing sustainable options [English] [Spanish] [Portuguese]
  2. Guidance for immunization waste management: The huge need for masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment, millions of COVID-19 tests, and lifesaving hospital treatment for victims of the disease has, in many cases, led to an increase in health care waste. This guidance provides recommendations on how to better manage and safely dispose of waste associated with immunization. [English] [Spanish] [Portuguese]
  3. Guidance for Personal Protetive Equipment for immunizations practices: This document is for health professionals who are using PPE as they administer vaccinations. It will help vaccine administers ensure infection prevention while reducing unnecessary product use and waste. [English] [Spanish] [Portuguese]

B. Health Care Without Harm's quick guides