New report | Healthcare waste management: Moving towards sustainability

A new report from the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), co-authored by Health Care Without Harm, focuses on appropriate healthcare waste management and reflects on the importance of a circular economy. 

The “Healthcare waste management: moving towards sustainability” report was released during the 2022 summit edition. It includes research and recommendations for actionable policy for all countries that need to consider managing waste as their healthcare systems develop and the world moves towards sustainability.

Over the past decade, WISH has brought together global experts on a range of health topics and commissioned them to produce evidence-based reports that identify innovative ways to address today’s and tomorrow’s greatest challenges. Ruth Stringer, Health Care Without Harm's International Science and Policy Coordinator, was one of them. 

"Health care can, and should, reduce its climate footprint, and dependence on plastics, many of which pose health and environmental hazards throughout their life cycle. In doing so, it can lead society as a whole towards a healthier and more equitable future," said Ruth Stringer. 

Download the report