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Africa Bucking the Trend

Posted in: September 2017

Written by Rico Euripidou, Environmental Health Campaign Manager

A great heading for a positive story. We’re tired of negative stories but we need to be aware of not recognising or dealing with our past. So we stand in the positive glow of a victory but, as groundWork is always aware, there is always some bitterness with environmental justice victories.

Wednesday the 16th of August 2017 marked the coming into force of the Minamata Convention on Mercury. Twenty-one African countries (of seventyfour ratifications globally) had already ratified the Convention, making Africa the leading region in this respect.

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Unintended POPs

Posted in: September 2017

Written by Luqman Yesufu, Global Green and Healthy Hospital (GGHH) Network Campaign Manager

Where are we going? This was my thought as I sat comfortably at the back of a United Nations car that had come to pick me up from the airport in Lusaka, Zambia. I was wondering why we had to travel almost three hours on a really busy and dusty road to Kabwe, where we would be having our United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) workshop. It later dawned on me that the town – Kabwe – is the world’s most toxic town according to pollution experts, where massive lead poisoning has damaged children’s organs, including their brains. I then understood that there was no better place to have this workshop. Kabwe would serve as a good environmental health reference to the health professionals we were about to train.

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South Africa | 2017 GGHH Member's Meeting

On the 4th and 5th of September 2017, GGHH members in South Africa gathered in Johannesburg to collectively review their progress in reaching their respective sustainability goals and develop three year implementation strategies for their respective their health institution. These hospitals play an integral role to inspire other institutions in South Africa to focus on sustainability and prepare to stand resilient in the fact of a changing climate. During the meeting, which was organized by groundWork, HCWH’s strategic partner in South Africa, each GGHH member presented a poster to showcase their achievements and the challenges they faced along the way. The various presentations inspired everyone, as members were keen to learn about the successes and challenges of each member institution. Read more and visit the image gallery.

South Africa | Workshop on Sustainable Health Care Solutions

The workshop “Sustainable Health Care Solutions: An Environmental Health Model for Governance, Advocacy, Capacity and Information“ took place on 4 September 2017, as a part of the 13th Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA) Conference (4-7 September, in Johannesburg, South Africa). Read more

South Africa | GGHH Launch at Bertha Gxowa Hospital

Posted on: 30 August 2017

The latest South African member to join GGHH, Bertha Gxowa Hospital, announced their membership on 16th August with the launch of a new recycling campaign that aims to accomplish zero waste at the hospital.

Bertha Gxowa Hospital has decided to adopt the waste and pharmaceutical goals. Under the pharmaceutical goal, they encourage patients to return unused or expired medicines instead of disposing them incorrectly, which can lead to toxic drugs in the water supply, soil and food chains. This has helped changed people’s perceptions around disposing of their medicine in the sewer and bins. Read more and visit the image gallery.

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groundWork South Africa

groundWork is a non-profit environmental justice service and developmental organisation in South Africa. groundWork seeks to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people in South Africa, and increasingly in Southern Africa, through assisting civil society to have a greater impact on environmental governance..

groundWork places particular emphasis on assisting vulnerable and previously disadvantaged people who are most affected by environmental injustices. Visit web