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Webinar | Demonstrating Best Practices in Africa for Reducing Healthcare Waste and Releases of Dioxins and Mercury

Posted: 21 July 2017

Hospitals from Madagascar and Tanzania presented their work as part of their participation in the Reducing Unattended Persistent Organic Pollutants (UPoPs) and Mercury Releases from the Health Sector in Africa Project. Speakers will present case studies delineating their strategies to limit the amount of healthcare waste they generate and burn, and how they are reducing the quantity of broken mercury-containing devices that are improperly handled, discarded or burned. Access the recording and the presentation

Webinar | Sustainable Energy Efficiency Practices in South African Hospitals

Posted: 30 May 2017

Greater energy efficiency and transitioning to clean energy sources can both significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect public health from the impacts of climate change. Health care facilities consume a big amount of fossil fuel energy, but can significantly cut their emissions and energy costs over time by using alternative forms of renewable energy, and biofuels that do not undermine public health. This webinar was about the sustainable energy efficiency practices being taken by GGHH members in South Africa. Access the recording and the presentations.


South Africa | Do Hospitals Do More Harm than Good?

Posted on: 10 April 2016

By Luqman Yesufu, GGHH Coordinator in South Africa, groundWork

The members of the Global Green and Healthy Hospital network aim to ensure that they do no harm while providing health services. The prevention of illness, injury and disease is an essential part of healthcare. We engage in healthy life style habits such as exercising and not smoking to prevent obesity and lung cancer. We vaccinate our children regularly to stimulate immunity and thus protect them from disease. We educate young boys and girls in order to promote safe sex and thus prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. On the basis of this, there is remarkable evidence to show that prevention works better than treating a disease. If this is the case, the health care sector must lead by example by engaging in more sustainable practices that are aimed at preventing disease and promoting good health without compromising patient care and safety. Read more

South Africa | GGHH Members Host the Community Planning Meeting

Posted on: March 28, 2017

GGHH members from South Africa met on February 21st and 22nd in Pietermaritzburg to discuss achievements in their work towards GGHH Goals on energy, waste, water and pharmaceuticals. They also reviewed key highlights and challenges in 2016 and plans for joint work for 2017. The meeting was organized by groundWork, Health Care Without Harm’s strategic partner in South Africa. Read moreWebinar | Sustainable Energy Efficiency Practices in South African Hospitals

Webinar | Sustainable Solutions to Health Care Waste Management: African Perspective

Posted on: 10 March 2017

GGHH members in South Africa will be hosting a series of webinars to showcase their work. Join the first of these webinars to learn how members are implementing environmentally sound waste management practices. Participants will also discuss how hospitals can protect public health by reducing the volume and toxicity of waste produced, while implementing the most environmentally sound waste management and disposal options. Read more

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groundWork South Africa

groundWork is a non-profit environmental justice service and developmental organisation in South Africa. groundWork seeks to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people in South Africa, and increasingly in Southern Africa, through assisting civil society to have a greater impact on environmental governance..

groundWork places particular emphasis on assisting vulnerable and previously disadvantaged people who are most affected by environmental injustices. Visit web