New Report on Achievements from GGHH Members in Latin America

Health Care Without Harm – Latin America released the first edition of the new report “Hospitals that heal the planet”. It contains examples of the work being done by Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) members in Latin America to reduce their environmental impact and promote environmental health in their communities.

The 108 page report summarizes the experiences and activities of GGHH members implementing the 10 GGHH Agenda Goals. The document highlights initiatives implemented in 2017 and presents examples of a health sector committed to the reduction of its environmental footprint.

This is the first report that illustrates the progress and accomplishments of a select group of GGHH members in Latin America. By joining initiatives like Menos huella, más salud and the 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge, additional health systems, hospitals and health centers can be included in future versions of the report.

The report is only available in Spanish. If you are in Argentina and would like to receive a printed version of the report, click here. If you live elsewhere, please click here. The digital version is available to those that become donors to HCWH. If you want to become a donor, and live in Argentina, click here. If you live elsewhere, please click here.