World Environment Day: taking action to address plastic pollution in the health care sector

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On World Environment Day, Health Care Without Harm calls upon health care professionals, institutions, and stakeholders to take action and join the global movement to beat plastic pollution. As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of World Environment Day with a focus on solutions to plastic pollution under the campaign #BeatPlasticPollution, the health care sector must recognize its significant role and contribute to creating a healthier, more sustainable future.

Plastics have far-reaching adverse effects on human health and the environment throughout their life cycle. The healthcare sector's consumption of plastics significantly contributes to this pressing global issue. Health Care Without Harm has been at the forefront of addressing the impact of plastic use in the sector since the 1990s, collaborating with health care systems and professionals to find sustainable solutions.

Health Care Without Harm has developed an extensive library of resources and guides specifically focused on plastics in the health care sector to support and guide professionals and institutions in adopting sustainable practices. These materials provide insights, practical guidance, and essential tools, empowering institutions to make informed decisions and implement sustainable, non-toxic practices.

"Health care professionals at all levels can make a tangible impact by reducing plastic consumption, promoting sustainable alternatives, and implementing proper waste management practices," says Neydi Cruz, Sustainability associate director, Health Care Without Harm. 

To access valuable resources and learn more about Health Care Without Harm's initiatives in addressing plastic pollution in the health care sector, visit our Plastics and health section.

World Environment Day 2023