Global Projects Staff

Latin America:

Mariano De Donatis - International Managing Director

With over twelve years of experience working with civil society networks and coalitions to influence change at the national and global level, Mariano brings a tremendous amount of experience to help build and strengthen collaboration, management and governance for HCWH.

Prior to joining HCWH, Mariano worked as Oxfam´s Global Programme Manager, leading its advocacy work in BRICSAMIT countries - Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China, South Africa, Mexico and Turkey. He led multi-issues campaigns, managed a flagship program to empower civil society networks and supported the Oxfam confederation's development in the Global South. 

Ashley Honeysett - International Development Manager

Ashley manages international fundraising for Health Care Without Harm. She works on global and cross-regional projects related to Health Care Without Harm’s priorities: climate change, supply chain, and health sector leadership. She also supports the fundraising efforts and local priorities of the organization’s global offices and partners.

Prior to joining Health Care Without Harm, Ashley served as a portfolio manager for the Natural Resources Defense Council. She has worked on a range of environmental projects including climate and energy, water efficiency, and wildlife trade. Her focus is on foundations, bilateral and multilateral donors, as well as development strategy and capacity-building.

Josh Karliner – International Director of Program and Strategy

Based out of San Francisco, California, Josh Karliner has coordinated Health Care Without Harm’s global work since 2005. In this capacity, he has led the creation and development of HCWH’s Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network. He also led HCWH’s global mercury campaign, which, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, helped win the global phase-out of mercury-based medical devices through the Minamata Convention. Today, among other efforts, he is facilitating HCWH’s worldwide efforts on health and climate. 

He has more than 30 years of experience working on international environmental and human rights issues. He is author of two books and a wide variety of academic and popular publications on global environmental and health policy, including the recent World Bank report on “Climate Smart Health Care.” In the past, Karliner has taught at the University of San Francisco and worked with and/or founded several organizations. 

Jingjing Li - International Project Manager

Jingjing Li is an International Project Manager at Health Care Without Harm. She is working in collaboration with international partners to promote and institutionalize sustainable procurement practices in health care that consider environmental and social impacts.

Previously, she was a Program and Financial Compliance Officer for International Grants at Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids where she oversaw a cumulative total of more than $60 million in grants advocating tobacco control policies in East Asia and Eastern Europe. Prior to this, she started her career in the China Health Economics Association and China National Health Development and Research Center focusing on international cooperation. Jingjing holds a Master’s degree in International Law and World Order from the University of Reading, UK.

Scott Slotterback - International Technical Director for Climate Change

Scott Slotterback plays a central role in developing Health Care Without Harm's technical capacity to measure and report on our network's member hospitals' carbon footprint and their climate actions, in supporting health care systems and hospitals to pursue climate-smart mitigation and resilience strategies, and in developing mechanisms to scale the climate-smart approach across health care. 

In 2017, he was one of the winners of Healthcare Management Magazine's World's 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare Award. With over 30 years of experience working on the design and construction of complex buildings, he improved the design and sustainability of 60 major healthcare buildings during the decade he worked for Kaiser Permanente. He authored numerous sustainability focused case studies, design standards, white papers, articles; and has presented at numerous national and international conferences.

 Ruth Stringer – Science and Policy Coordinator

Ruth Stringer is the international science and policy coordinator for Health Care Without Harm. She has been working with Health Care Without Harm for over ten years, coordinating work on waste, but also providing expertise on chemicals, pharmaceuticals and procurement. She is a member of the International Solid Waste Association healthcare waste working group, a technical advisor to the Africa Healthcare Waste Management project that HCWH is leading with UNDP and WHO and advises on waste management policies internationally.

She maintains the organization’s database of sustainable technologies and promotes sustainable technologies for low and medium income countries. This includes supporting partners in Africa and Asia to implement waste autoclaving and develop biodigestion as an option for materials such as food and pathological wastes that can be hard to manage in places with limited waste disposal infrastructure. 

Nick Thorp - Network Director, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals

Nick Thorp joined Health Care Without Harm in April of 2013 and serves as the Network Director for GGHH. He has over 10 years of experience working with a variety of NGOs conducting toxicological research and developing innovative and interactive tools to advance education and public engagement around issues related to community and environmental health.

Nick holds a dual degree from the University of Oregon in International Environmental Studies and French. He is based in Oregon in the United States.

Jennifer Wang - Healthy Energy Initiative Coordinator

Jennifer Wang is the Healthy Energy Initiative Coordinator for Health Care Without Harm. In this role, she facilitates a worldwide collaboration of health professionals, health organizations, and health researchers engaging in science-based advocacy for transitioning away from fossil fuel-based power generation and toward clean, renewable, healthy energy options.

Previously, she worked with scholars and practitioners to develop research agendas in health and global development at the University of California, Berkeley, and at the University of Connecticut. Her experience includes community-engaged research on environment, health, and food security in large slums in Nairobi; implementation of green building and sustainable economic development initiatives in Chicago; and development of solar energy and water purification technologies for low-resource settings.

Jen holds an MS in Global Health and Environment from University of California, Berkeley, and a BS in Chemistry from Rice University.

Susan Wilburn - International Sustainability Director

Susan is an occupational & environmental health specialist (fields of study: nursing, public health, epidemiology). Susan leads HCWH’s work in collaboration with the UNDP, WHO and UN Environment on Sustainable Procurement, health care waste management and mercury elimination.

Prior to joining HCWH in 2014, she worked at the Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health at World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva for eight years, where she coordinated the "greening hospitals" initiative, as well as the Protecting Health Workers - Preventing Needlestick Injuries project and led the development of the WHO-ILO global framework for national occupational health programs for health workers. 

Carolina Gil Posse - Programs and Communications Coordinator for Latin America

Carolina leads the communications strategy for Latin America and produces all content to support it. She coordinates the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals network initiatives in the region and the training program on sustainability, climate change and health. She also coordinates the team responsible for delivery of the Health Care Without Harm program portfolio in Latin America. She has worked for HCWH since 2012, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Carolina is a communications and journalism professional, with 18 years of experience in media and more than 10 years in the nonprofit sector. She has a degree in Journalism and another in Audiovisual Arts Education. She also holds a Master's in Journalism with a thesis on climate change communication and media coverage from a health perspective in Latin America. She is a PhD student in Social Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires.

Antonella Risso - Technical Coordinator of Projects for Latin America

Antonella leads the implementation of two main projects in the region: Sustainable Health in Procurement Project (SHiPP) and Cooling Monitoring, Audits and Demonstration Project. She also provides technical training and assistance to Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) network members in the implementation of the GGHH Agenda and the development of tracking and reporting tools. Based in San Martín de los Andes, Argentina, she has worked for HCWH since 2012.

She has a degree in environmental management and is currently undertaking a masters in climate change economics and law. She has been working on environmental management in the health care sector for 10 years.

Claudia Paz - Technical Assistant of Projects for Latin America

Claudia provides technical assistance to the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals network, and leads the implementation of the annual call of Menos huella, más salud (Less footprint, more health) awards. She also collaborates to strengthen the impact of the SHiPP project in the region.

Based in Cali, Colombia, she has a degree in environment and natural resources management. She has managed hazardous and non-hazardous waste, clean energy, water saving and carbon footprint programs, among others. In 2016, she joined the Secretary of Health in Cali, where she created the Green Hospital Program for a Healthy Cali for private and public healthcare institutions.