Strategic Partners

In addition to our regional offices in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the U.S., HCWH has a set of strategic partnerships with organizations who represent our interests in a number of countries. These organizations generally lead the development and implementation of HCWH-realted work in country, including our Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network and the Healthy Energy Initiative, while also participating in international program development.

Climate and Health Alliance (Australia)

The Climate and Health Alliance was established in August 2010 and is a coalition of health care stakeholders who wish to see the threat to human health from climate change and ecological degradation addressed through prompt policy action. 

This commitment is based on the understanding that further global warming poses grave risks to human health and biodiversity and if left unchecked, threatens the future of human civilisation.

The Alliance aims to contribute to the development and implementation of evidence based public policy to protect the community from the adverse consequences of climate change, and promote recognition that policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment have the potential to bring important public health benefits. Visit web


Projeto Hospitais Saudáveis (Brazil)

Projeto Hospitais Saudáveiis (PHS) is a nonprofit association dedicated to transforming the health sector at an example to the whole society in aspects of environmental protection and health of the worker, the patient and the general population. 

PHS members include health professionals, institutions providing services, educational institutions and health research, civil society 

PHS works to develop and support a network of cooperation, based on the commitment of health institutions in the country, as well as professionals of all categories that operate in the Brazilian health system is. In addition to the health care sector, the PHS works in partnership with professional organizations, trade unions and industry, education and research institutes and government agencies. Visit web


Rock Environment and Energy Institute (China)

Rock Environment & Energy Institute (REEI) aims to provide research support for NGOs and corporations. They focus on such environmental and energy issues as climate change, energy policy, air pollution, carbon market, and municipal solid waste management. Their mission is to be an independent think tank in pursuit of justice and sustainability.

Besides training villagers in the science of pollution, the Community Environmental Monitoring (CEM) initiative seeks to involve villagers in the fight against pollution by engaging them in environmental and health monitoring, and sustainable livelihood activities.

CEM is as much about the community as it is about the environment. CEM sees political empowerment and the right to make informed decisions about development as key to success in the struggle against environmental casteism and discrimination. While local self-help is an emphasis, CEM's philosophy also hinges on holding corporations and polluters accountable.



Public Health Foundation of India (India)

Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) is a public private initiative that has collaboratively evolved through consultations with multiple constituencies including Indian and international academia, state and central governments, multi & bi-lateral agencies and civil society groups. PHFI is a response to redress the limited institutional capacity in India for strengthening training, research and policy development in the area of Public Health. Structured as an independent foundation, PHFI adopts a broad, integrative approach to public health, tailoring its endeavours to Indian conditions and bearing relevance to countries facing similar challenges and concerns. The PHFI focuses on broad dimensions of public health that encompass promotive, preventive and therapeutic services, many of which are frequently lost sight of in policy planning as well as in popular understanding. Visit web


Healthcare Foundation of Nepal (Nepal)

Healthcare Foundation-Nepal sponsors and promotes: 

• National Kidney Center (NKC)
• National Ambulance Center
• Nagarkot Community Health Center
• Preventative healthcare
• Medical waste management
• Disaster management

Visit web


groundwork (South Africa)

groundWorkgroundWork is a non-profit environmental justice service and developmental organisation in South Africa. groundWork seeks to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people in South Africa, and increasingly in Southern Africa, through assisting civil society to have a greater impact on environmental governance.

groundWork places particular emphasis on assisting vulnerable and previously disadvantaged people who are most affected by environmental injustices. Visit web